Why Fetch?

Choose Fetch! for our experienced, vetted, animal loving pet sitters

Our Sitters Are Thoroughly Vetted

We do our due diligence when hiring to make sure every single one of our sitters is not only safe and reliable but that they have a true passion for pets and people.

  • All sitters pass a mandatory background check.
  • All sitters go through an in-depth interview process.
  • All sitters are required to provide any essential personal information.
  • All sitters are required to be bonded and insured.

Meet Your Sitter Before You Schedule

We believe that you and your pet should feel as comfortable as possible with your sitter before our scheduled service takes place. That’s why we offer a free in-home consultation before your first service begins. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and make sure that this is a good fit.

You’ll Get The Same Trusted Sitter Every Time

When you schedule a service with us, we’ll partner you with a primary and back-up pet sitter based on your needs and schedule. You’ll have the chance to meet these nearby sitters and once you approve of them, we’ll assign them to your account. Any time you schedule services thereafter, you’ll receive care from your primary or back-up sitter. This way you know your pet is getting care from someone you (and they) know, trust, and like every time.

We’ve Earned a Glowing Reputation

With tens of thousands of satisfied clients nationwide, we’ve earned a solid reputation as the most trusted and reliable pet care service in the country. And it isn’t just Fetch as a company. Each of our sitters come with fantastic reviews of their own and our local owners are constantly reviewing feedback surveys to ensure it stays that way.

Meet the Owners, Michael & Sara

Hi there! We are the owners of Fetch! Pet Care of Ann Arbor, and we look forward to helping care for your pet family. We have lived in Canton since 2010, and we are excited to serve the surrounding community. We have both grown up with dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, and we have a growing family of pets now. We have seen a rising need for pet care in our community ranging from periodic walks to overnight boarding. Our dedicated team is ready to support the needs of you and your animals. In most cases you will be paired with a regular team member who will get to know you and your pet. You will receive personalized, professional, and reliable care.

We welcome the opportunity to build a long lasting relationship with you and your pet family. Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s care needs and we hope to meet you soon!

Meet The Team


Mary has loved animals since she was a child and is especially passionate about dogs. Mary currently lives in Ypsilanti with her sweet and stubborn Airedale Terrier, Otis. Throughout her life, she has owned a variety of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, and snakes. Mary has been dog walking & pet sitting since 2015 (primarily cats and dogs). She has provided care for dogs that have been recovering from traumatic car accidents, as well as dogs suffering from conditions such as hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and cancer. She feels comfortable administering injections and is familiar with equipment used for agility training and canine rehabilitation. Mary has volunteered at animal shelters and cared for strays that she has found in the streets. In addition to her experience with cats and dogs, Mary also has experience with horses and other farm animals including cows, sheep, goats, & donkeys. She began riding horses at a young age and as an adult she worked as a stable hand at various farms. Having the opportunity to care for animals has been a dream come true for Mary and she is thrilled to be a part of the Fetch Pet Care team! In addition to providing animals with loving care, Mary is also a yoga instructor, artist, and performer (music and dance). She has a deep appreciation for music, movement, and nature. She loves traveling, camping, playing guitar, swimming, dancing, reading, photography, hiking, gardening, cooking, & going to music festivals.


Mark has always loved learning about animals and their behavior. He grew up always having cats and dogs in the house, but the first pet that was his was a baby rabbit found in the back yard. His affinity for dogs has led him to being the caretaker for the dogs of his friends and family, and is excited to so professionally. Mark has taken every opportunity to interact with any animals he could, from snakes, lizards, and alligators to opossums, skunks, and horses. Mark looks forward to meeting your pets with happy curiosity, and caring for them with thoughtfulness, patience, and kindness.


Hi, I’m Caylen! I have 20 years experience caring for dogs of all ages and sizes and 12 years of experience being a great friend and companion to cats, reptiles, small furries, fish, and large farm animals (including yaks, goats, and emus!). My wide range of sensitivity to the body language and unique personalities of pets puts me at near native fluency in this domain – I even studied linguistics in undergrad to become the female version of Dr. Doolittle! Though college didn’t really help me reach that goal I have learned through the immersion program provided through my own pets and those I have cared for in neighbor and friend sitter settings. I am also a bit of a plant whisperer so your lovely green ones will be in good hands too.

In terms of home stays, I will ensure that your pet’s routine stays in tact and that the environment remains healthy, happy, and enriching! I will defer to your instructions and follow them to make sure your pet has a safe, comfortable, and happy staycation while you are away.


My name is Zoey (she/her)! I am from a small town called Troy, a bit north of Dayton, Ohio. I came to Ann Arbor to get a master’s degree in environment and sustainability and am I hoping to stay in the area. In my free time I like to spend time with family and friends, read, go for walks with my dog Obi-Wan, play video games, draw or paint, and play piano. I adore animals and have had pets in my family my whole life. I am excited to join the Fetch team and get acquainted with new clients!


Lindsay has always loved anything and everything to do with animals. Some of her earliest childhood memories are of spending days reading animal encyclopedias and veterinarian books. As soon as she was old enough, volunteering at the Humane Society of Huron Valley became a favorite activity. She started rescuing animals and keeping exotic pets of her own in elementary school, turning her room into a safe haven for any animal in need of a home. While rescuing injured/sick animals, Lindsay has picked up skills like administering different medications and subcutaneous fluids. Her family currently includes a bunny, pigeons, doves, a cockatiel, quails, turtles, lizards, geckos, snakes, and frogs. In addition to caring for animals, Lindsay also enjoys exploring nature trails, creating art, longboarding, and tending to her houseplant collection. One of her favorite things about working for Fetch! is getting to apply her experience with all kinds of animals to the job for the well-being of any pet in need of a sitter.


I am an animal LOVER who is proud to currently have multiple dog family members. I have many years of experience caring for dogs, cats, reptiles, and small rodents. I am passionate about providing care to your pets like they are part of my own pet family and feel privileged to have the opportunity to spend time with them!


Hi! I’m Arielle, and I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan. I grew up with a dog named Ollie, whom I began training when I was eight years old, and I now live with a very spoiled cat at home named Noodle. I can’t wait to get to know you and your furry friends!


Caring for pets and helping create peace of mind is what I do best! My pet care experience has come from having pets of my own, caring for family and friends’ pets, and working in animal emergency medicine.